Stalking Cookies

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A stalking cookie in disguise! Always watching, always observing your every m- AARGH!

By attempting not to go on the popular ji-Had website$$$/KO/cookie, an angry midget will dispatch a stalking cookie on you. A subtle stalking cookie.

The exact flavour of stalking cookies is unknown but if not eaten and left on your computer it will follow you around, drop crumbs on the keyboard and make people hate your dad. (Sharp intake of breath, too sharp, I keel over and reach for my inhaler before realising I'm not asthmatic. jesus heals me, I get up and resume my speach/answer machine message).

O yeah and it will sniper your leg. To get rid of a stalking cookie install copious amounts of porn or say you're ready for a commitment. (BOOOOO) The best course of action to take is to install a firewall. a flaming wall that the cookie cannot climb over leaving the cookie intact but emotionally scarred.

I ate my stalking cookie!

It tastes like grandad!

That was my stalking cookie bumhug!!!