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Sub-poetry is so called because it is below poetry. WAY below poetry. Even Vogon poetry looks "nice" in comparison to Popey II, written by the pope, while dead:

I used to be a Pope. Popey. In Latin I spoke. Ooh! A rhyme! What a waste of time! I can't stop it! So I better bop it!

In a land of deadness, I don't see much watercress, which means I can forsee... me not having enough vitamin C!

So my cheeks will turn yellow, or perhaps a more mellow shade of brown? I don't know - it makes me frown!

But that does not matter, because (I hear a splatter of a rat exploding, because my coffin's eroding... I better keep going with my story tell-o-ing) my cheeks will rot away. They're rotting away by the day!...