Subliminal Massaging

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“Aaaah, oooh, left a bit, that's the spot, SMOKE TESTOSTEREICH.Ltd CIGARETTES, down a bit, aaah!”

~ Barry Scott's Subliminally massaging alter-ego

Haven't you guys ever wondered why everyone foolish enough to go and get massaged in the
"Testostereich's Public Brainwashing Studio as well as Human Testing laboratory massage parlour"
comes out wanting to buy Testostereich-brand cigarretes, Testostereich-brand fake beards and Testostereich-brand leaking Nuclear Warheads??!?!!!1!1!? No? Well I don't know, go ask your mother. *reader gets up and walks away from the crazy old man towards mother* Please don't go! Awww I'm so desperately lonely...

Mother's opinion on Subliminal Massaging[edit]

Oh and you'll want to go there on Wednesdays 'cos thats when that nice lady Julie works there. She knows a thing or two about massaging aswell as where to stick her Testostereich-brand hands. It's so relaxing and then she emerged head-first out of my belly button. Nowadays with the video games and elektrisleezy there won't be her kind around for long so you young people better know what's good for you and go there right now get massaged, and then buy teddies, Testostereich-brand teddies!!!

That's Just Great Mum[edit]

Now that we're all permanently scarred we might aswell go get massaged there anyway.