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sugarsugarsugarsugarsugarsugar makes you lliiiiiiiike.......... HYPER!!!!! annnnnnnnnd........ um......... HYPER!!!!! also, its all crrrrUNCHY!!!!

part of this healthy breakfast:

  • show picture of guy with enormous bowl of grapefruits, several pieces of broccoli, and a few grains of sugar*

The small print[edit]

CAUTION: may cause reading of small print. does not enable wearer to fly. do not dispose of in fire. do not dispose of yourself in the fire. non-toxic. possibly. do not use to contact law enforcement officials. beware of crocodile. he is hungry. he wants your flesh. do not dispose of him in fire. do not dispose of fire in fire, it may start a fight. all right i want a nice clean fight no hitting below the belt no rabbit punches no steroids unless deemed necessary. surgeon's general warning: generally, surgeons are rather general in giving warnings. this next section don't even try to understand it


HE¬¬ø ÅN∂ ∑E¬çøME †ø †HE ßHø∑!

The Medium Sized Print[edit]

Ok, So You Want †ø be an accountant. Here's What You Gotta Do: Eat SUGAR! That's Right, I'm Getting Back To The Subject Of The Article. There's Something You Don't See On Illogicopedia Every Day. But Now The Article Is Over.