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Following are some lesser known cheats for Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo 64.

Unlock Acid Mario[edit | edit source]

if you throw Jigglypuff off the Samus stage in a certain part on the left of the screen and the acids burn Jiggly alive into a burning mess, then ACID MARIO will challenge you! If you can't beet him in less than 3 minutes then Whigfield will appear and throw you off the stage.

Play as Gyaradose[edit | edit source]

If you throw a Pokemon character into the Pokeball on the Pokemon stage, then it'll open and you can play as Gyaradose.

Replace Jigglypuff with Mew[edit | edit source]

When you throw Mew out of a ball, touch it, Magacarp will die, and in Jigglypuffs place will be Mew!

Get Jigglypuff to pop[edit | edit source]

Pick Link and Jigglypuff.

Link: Rapid A

Get the Pokemon as a playable Character[edit | edit source]

In the pokemon level if you throw a Pokeball at the Pokemon that come out of the box thing it will be captured then pick the pokeball that captured the pokemon throw it the pokemon you caught will come out and use its attack then it will beat the person you were fighting then it will die with a one hit kill then when you beat Master hand that Pokemon will challenge you if you beat it you get the Pokemon as a playable Character. Does not work with Chansey.

Get the battle toads[edit | edit source]

To get the battle toads you have to get a fan and hit a pokeball in link's stage and you have to pick it up before it opens and throw it into a tornado and then the battle toads will come out..

Unlock EVERYTHING in the game[edit | edit source]

In 1P mode, get into a match with Jigglypuff after you beat Master Hand, now intentionally lose to Jigglypuff three times in a row, the game will pity you and unlock EVERYTHING in the game. This trick only works if you're mancunian.

Make Jigglypuff 'go poof':[edit | edit source]

Kill it, 'Acid' it, and everything else that kills HER Grin.png 9999999999999999999 times. When you've done it, you'll have Ditto in place of Jigglypuff!

Unlock Wing Cap Mario[edit | edit source]

Get Kirby to suck in Jigglypuff,

While Jigglypuff is in Kirby's mouth suck in Mario

Absorb the both of them, and....TA DA!!!

Kirby has the wing cap and Mario will have it too.

After the match is over you must fight Wing Cap Mario while saturday night by Whigfield plays. you must finnish the battle before the song ends. if not then whigfield will appear and knock you off the stage, thus making you start at the beginning of the game again.

When you beat him press Z and C^ at the char select screen while highlighting Mario and there he is.....

How to unlock the Hand family[edit | edit source]

Beat Master Hand with everyone on Very Hard, and then go to vs. mode and beat a level 9 Captain Falcon, Link, and Samus teamed up against you. Then hold all the C buttons on the character select screen, and you will unlock all of the Hand family (14 in all).

How to reunlock Jigglypuff as well as Sonic, Ganon, and Banjo:[edit | edit source]

This code only works after you unlock the hand family. As Luigi go to the Starfox stage and spin around 100 times. Then you reunlock Jigglypuff and Ganon. For the other 2 do the same thing only with Mario and spin around 200 times. Then you will be challanged Sonic and Banjo. reunlocked Jigglypuff and got 3 new characters.

How to unlock Luigi's Shadow[edit | edit source]

How to do It: Play as Luigi on the Mario Bros. Stage and fall off of the platform 3 Times, but jump back on 2 Times. Be sure to do that in 2 Minutes or less. If you did it right, you will see Luigi's Shadow step right out of the floor. Beat Luigi's Shadow with Luigi, and Luigi's Shadow will be a Playable Character. NOte, you must first unlock Hampton the Hamster to do this.

How to get Kazooie:[edit | edit source]

As Banjo, beat very easy.

To be Polygonial[edit | edit source]

Fight and defeat the Fighting Polygon Team in less than 0:01:00 without taking any damage. You can then choose the polygon color by pressing L.

How to get Super Fox:[edit | edit source]

Beat Fox as Fox on Fox's stage 7000000000000000000000 times in 231 mins. Then beat Ness (6 or 9) with Fox on all stages when that's over go to the oven and put the game and bake it at 12:34 and stop it when it's 1:01 also you would need hard family to do this. yeah course you do

Get a devil Mario:[edit | edit source]

Beat three Marios that are all on a team that have Six lives on Six stock (get it 666). Anyways once you defeat them you will have to face devil Mario.

Play as the Hammer Bros[edit | edit source]

Go to Kirby's stage and be Luigi and fight with Mario do these moves on him in order:

Fire punch

3 fire balls

and the throwing move

If you have done this right you will now be able to play as the Hammer Bros!

Unlock Super Mario[edit | edit source]

Beat the master hand 350 times to unlock Super Mario who is a blown up Mario.

Play as the original Mario[edit | edit source]

Beat link up with Mario 222 times and you will be able to play as the original Mario!

Get Super Mario 3[edit | edit source]

Beat a kirby and a jigglypuff 44 times each in multiplayer to get Super Mario 3, who can fly.

Play as Heracross[edit | edit source]

Unlock all Pokemon characters and beat hard mode with Jigglypuff in exactly 13 minutes. Heracross will then challenge you on Hirule Castle.

Play as Harry Styles[edit | edit source]

Unlock the Airbus 320 stage, then beat ultra hard mode with Jigglypuff in exactly 31 minutes. Harry Styles will then challenge you on Hunter J's ship. Note that you must first unlock Hunter J's ship before you can complete this task.

Play as Ariados[edit | edit source]

Beat hard mode with Banjo in exactly 15 minutes, then play as Jigglypuff against 3 level 9 Captain Falcons on the Hirule Castle stage with damage set to the highest setting. You will then automatically be switched to Mario, then Ariados will challenge you. You must beat him in under 3 minutes or else the battle will end. After 3 attempts, a closeup of Harry Style's right hand will appear doing a scrubbing motion for 31 seconds then all data in your game cartridge will be reverted back to factory settings, and you'll have to start over from the beginning.

Unlock Hunter J's airship stage[edit | edit source]

To unlock Hunter J's airship stage, hold down start and R while the game loads up, then challenge 1 player mode with Kazooi at any difficulty in exactly 31 minutes. After you are done the single player mode you will automatically unlock Hunter J's airship stage. Note that you must have Heracross and Ariados unlocked before you can unlock this stage.

Unlock The Feather[edit | edit source]

If you get captain falcon first lose to him 99 times and there you go in you items now there is the feather!

Get a flute to warp to the master hand[edit | edit source]

If you beat Luigi and Mario 56 times with a Mario, than you can get a flute to warp to the master hand.

Unlock Neon Heights[edit | edit source]

As Jigglypuff, play a 99 stock VS. match against a level 9 Harry Styles, a level 9 Hampton the Hamster and a level 9 Heracross on Hunter J's airship without losing any lives and using only pokeballs. After this has been completed then you will unlock Neon Heights stage.

Make your own player[edit | edit source]

Hampton the Hamster and Whigfield must be unlocked to use this feature. If you beat all the players with Kirby 50 times each you will be able to make your own player.

Unlock a collection of Kirby hats[edit | edit source]

If you use Kirby and defeat 10000 people in multiplayer you will unlock a collection of Kirby hats.

Make Luigi wear Mario's Hat[edit | edit source]

If you take Luigi and beat Mario 999 times Luigi can now were marios hat! Same with Mario.

Unlock a multi color fireball[edit | edit source]

If you beat the master hand 200 times with Mario and Luigi you unlock a multi color fireball.

How to not be able to be sucked up by tornadoes[edit | edit source]

If you go to Links castle and get sucked up by the tornado 234 times you can't get sucked up by tornadoes anymore. (only works as Whigfield.)

Unlock Donkey Kong's Kart[edit | edit source]

If you fight Donkey Kong and kill him 3000 times in multi player, you unlock his kart.

Get a Tennis racket for a weapon[edit | edit source]

If you shut your Nintendo set on and off 200 times with ssb in it you will get a Tennis racket for a weapon.

Unlock daisy[edit | edit source]

if you play with Mario and Luigi and get 10000 kills with each you unlock daisy.

Get a kopa tropa[edit | edit source]

In order to get a kopa tropa you must stand very still taking 2222 jumps.

Get boo[edit | edit source]

You can get boo if you take Mario and defeat 20000 people in 2p mode

Play as Bowser[edit | edit source]

Beat The Game On Very Hard With Mario & Luigi

Unlock Diddy Kong[edit | edit source]

If you play with Dk and play for 300 hours with him, you unlock Diddy Kong.

Plat as master hand[edit | edit source]

If you put only the sword and heart on a 53 stock battle and fight a level 9 win and don die more then three times and you can plat as master hand.

Unlock Young Link[edit | edit source]

If you play as Link and only use the sword for 99 stock match with all of the items on, you can unlock Young Link.

Play as Magic Kopa[edit | edit source]

If you play as jigglypuff and kill Link in 99 stock battle no damage what so ever and show of at the end you can play as Magic Kopa.

Become Pichu[edit | edit source]

If you play as pikachu, 55 stock and you only use his thunder shock you can become pichu.

Become Mew[edit | edit source]

If you get a Mew in a pokeball and attack it with your thunder with pikachu you can become mew.

Be Mauigi[edit | edit source]

Fight Mario with Luigi 59999 times

Get all the hidden players one shot[edit | edit source]

If you want to get all the hidden players one shot be DK and fight with Kirby first fight. and win.

Get the crazy hand[edit | edit source]

To get the crazy hand you must fight the master hand over 6000 times.

unlock hampton the hamster[edit | edit source]

Beet 3 lvl 9 pikachus against you as Yoshi. Then you will be challenged by Hampton the Hamster on the airbus 320 stage. However, yuo have 2 minutes to battle him, if you don't beet him in that period of time then Whigfield will appear and throw you off the stage.

Unlock Whigfield[edit | edit source]

After unlocking hampton the hamster, put on a vs. mode team battle of 3 lvl 9 hamptons. use mario and defeat them all using only the up+b coin punch move. you have 8 minutes, otherwise you lose when whigfield throws you off the stage. After beeting the hamptons challenge whigfield and yuo'll unlock her! then, you're done the game forever. ===important note=== Whigfield is 8 times stronger than captain falcon, and uses throwing moves as well as throwing hamster balls containing poke-ball like versions of all the playable characters except for Ness and the hand family. Watch out for them.

Make your own stage[edit | edit source]

In order to make your own stage you must first unlock the airbus 320 stage, then beat every player 320 times with yoshi on the airbus 320 stage.

Unlock create an enemy mode[edit | edit source]

To unlock create an enemy mode you must defeat 500000 people in multiplayer on the airbus 320 stage using Yoshi or Jigglypuff.

Make Link do his fire and his fire arrows[edit | edit source]

To make Link do his fire and his fire arrows press in the following buttons while playing him:

B 44 Times

Start 2 times

A 54 times

and the up C button 3 times.

unlock airbus 320 stage[edit | edit source]

TO unlock the airbus 320 stage, where you battle Hampton the Hamster, whigfield and Kim Possible, use mario to beet 3 level 3 whigfields using only the up+be coin punch attack. The airbus 320 stage is somewhat simliar to sector z, except yuo battle on an airbus 320 airplane that is cruising at 36,000 feet. The airbus tends to do banking turns from time to time. Players on the wings will be thrown off unless they grab the winglets or jump on to the main body of the aircraft. If a player falls into the stream of the jet engines then they'll be blasted into a ko.

unlock kim possible[edit | edit source]

Using luigi, beet all characters except whigfield in vs. mode using only his up+b coin move. You will then automatically be switched to Mario and will have to verse Kim possible on the airbus 320 stage. Beet her in 3 minutes and win, otherwise Whigfield will appear and throw you off the stage.

Unlock Ultra Hard Mode[edit | edit source]

To unlock Ultra Hard Mode, you must first unlock Kim Possible and the Airbus 320 stage, then beat 3 level 9 Kim Possibles 39 times each in a 3 on 1 team battle on the Planet Zebs stage.

Unlock Litwick[edit | edit source]

To unlock Litwick, you must beat ultra hard mode with Yoshi in exactly 31 minutes. Once you do this, Litwick will appear on the Safron City stage, and challenge you to a battle.

Unlock George Jetson[edit | edit source]

To unlock George Jetson, you must beat 3 level 9 Litwicks with Yoshi on the Sector Z stage in under 14 minutes with 59 stock and no items. Once you do this, then George Jetson will challenge you on the Sector Z stage, and you must KO him in under 1 minute and 33 seconds, or Whigfield will appear and KO you.

reveal master hand's identity[edit | edit source]

Unlock all characters including Whigfield, and the intro screen will show that master hand is the hand of Kim possible herself.  You will see it when she takes the glove off then spins mario into space in a newly animated intro.

Fight Kim Possible's hand[edit | edit source]

To fight Kim Possible's hand without the glove on, you must beat ultra hard mode with Jigglypuff, and once this is completed, instead of battling Master Hand, you battle Kim Possible's hand. Since Master Hand is Kim Possible's right hand but inside a glove, Kim Possible's hand uses similar techniques as Master Hand, except it will grab you and try to hurl you into the sky for a sky KO. If you lose to her then you must fight her with Yoshi every time you boot up the game. Important: Kim Possible's hand is exactly 14 times as hard to beat without the glove on as it is to beat as Master Hand.