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      Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Pokémon, or Pokémon (video games series)?
Note: Many references to Pokemon spell it with an accent mark over the e. This is an abomination. There are no accent marks in the English language. Accent marks are French. Thus, we do not use them in our article.

Pokemon is a tool of Satan and is not anything Godly Christians should have anything to do with.

What is Pokemon? Pokemon is short for POCKet MONster. And what is a "pocket monster"? It is a demon. Children trade cards with these demons on them, and they carry their Pokemon character with them for "protection" or special powers, making it a familiar spirit. These are occult objects, just like any other occult charm or fetish symbolizing a demon or helper spirit.

Involvement with Pokemon leads to demonic possession.

Pokemon comes from Japan, a country of godless Buddhists and Shinto who are so demon possessed they will even sacrifice themselves to Satan in kamikaze missions. Is it any wonder that a children's game coming out of that godless country would also be filled with demons?

Trading Pokemon cards is also a gateway into trading the more overtly evil Magic: The Gathering cards later in childhood, which in turn is a gateway opening the door into Dungeons and Dragons and into full-blown Satanism.

The bright colours of Pokemon characters, as with other toys and characters using a rainbow of bright colours such as Teletubbies, promote homosexuality. Any toys using several different colours should be regarded with suspicion as a probable plot by homosexual activists to normalize their perverted lifestyle, especially if the colours are the same ones as on the homosexual rainbow flag.

In December 1997, a Pokemon television show aired in Japan induced epileptic siezures in at least 600 children. Some of these children were not even epileptic until then. Pokemon caused them to develop this disease. It literally implanted epilepsy in their brains via a demon, and a visual trigger to turn on that demon. This was only a trial run for the Antichrist to use television or other video images to include mass seizures and mind control over the entire world. The Antichrist is placing mind control triggers throughout popular entertainment, and most of them are far more subtle. With Pokemon, they blew their cover with too-obvious epileptic seizures. You can bet they won't make that mistake again, and are keeping their New World Order mind control much more subtle from now on. Of course, because demons are involved in Pokemon, anyone can suffer an epileptic seizure or any other mental breakdown at any time due to demonic possession.

This is sort of like getting a lobotomy. If Satan or the Soviet Union were to invent something with which to bring the Antichrist to power and lobotomize the entire population so they wouldn't object, it would probably be something like LSD, water fluoridation, or Pokemon.

Do not let your precious children have anything to do with Pokemon.

Do not even let them read this article, because just the mention of the word "Pokemon" can induce demonic possession in children and the weak minded. Indeed, it will cause them to suck in life.