Supernatural Ubercentric Voidamass Theory

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“ Uh, really? I didn't even heard anything about this...uh. I think.”

~ Extremely Stupid Voidamass about Supernatural etc. etc. Theory.

The Supernatural Ubercentric Voidamass Theory is an extremely weird piece of ooze expelled by a Wuuze. The theory is actually a prophecy, about the yattacoming arrival of the toomightobeharvestedneitherkillednorjuiced Ubercentric Voidamass, the eezyngly infamous mass of pure voida (although it is NOT completely purely void, since an henormous blatch of time ago the Tooalmightytogetasskickedneitherbouncednorponglerred Readsbax Atakalomu Na Raydamo filled it with a bit of renumerance, but it doesn't matter).

The prophecy states that when, in the mid-80's of the Ruunzaavaan Eentiiloogyy Time, the almighty Supernatural Ubercentric Voidamass would appear in a pinkish rainbow of extremely condensed noise, thus starting its assimilation of the entire Zhandland, then proceding in its crusade against the entire Continuum, obliterating YOUR DOG in the process. The prophecy also says that the Supernatural Ubercentric Voidamass would eventually be fought and beaten by Readsbax Akatalomu Na Raydamo himself, but experts argue A LOT about that.