Taco time

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Those experienced with tacos and the general tradition of taco time within youth hostels would be fairly acquainted with the fact that

  • taco time assists one in pumping up the jams.
  • taco time will distract the police.
  • taco time somehow involves Catherine Jones. No, not Catherine Zeta-Jones, just Catherine Jones.
  • and maybe possibly perhaps Dow Jones.
  • Gene isn't Jean, but genes can be jeans.
  • Oh yeah, he created a Taco Time World Music Group once. They were a major commercial success. Apparently.
  • but now everyone's gonna hate on them for being mainstream. Ur hur.
  • Also, Gene's Taco Time is not equivalent to Taco Jeans Time.
  • Catherine Jones: The Redemption is total no.
  • Catherine will MacAdam your Jones.

Siege Also[edit]

  • Jay, the spin-off to Jones