Taffy Was a Welshman

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The day I smite Mesopotamia is the day we lose the full house hand in this game of poker that I'm having with Xenu and Fleem, a deity of another universe altogether. I remember the time I visited there. Lots of bunnies and teddy bears. The wonton soup was awful, though. Too much cyanide.

There, I fold. HAHAHAHAHAHA GOD LOSES THIS TIME GIMME ANOTHER BRICK OF AMBROSIA. This man has shot an elephant with a pea shooter. Ballsack! He has split Neptune and Jupiter's atomic structure into an hot dog acid trip substance...I can see through the double slit experiment that there is William S. Burroughs and Thomas Pynchon having a gay orgy in a hot tub with....with...(The Ouija board stalls) WHAT? WHAT IS IT?! (The Ouija board falls off the dresser)... Way to go, Rex. Now we'll never know who it-

(The planchette moves) U...B...O...A. Uboa? UBOAAAAAAAAAA. Thees board ist broken? Nein! I say that der foot is on der other shoe. Wrong! Electrocute him! But Mr. Milgram, that isn't Hitler!.... Give me that fish! (reads) Great God! It's a red herring! We must fire all missiles! Abort baby...I mean mission! That boy needs therapy.

Scalpel? Check. Cleaver? Check. Hornbook? What's a hornbook? It's a miracle! It's a TV dinner! AND IT'S ALL YOURS FOR JUST PENNIES A NANOSECOND! GIVE ME YOUR MONEY BUY SELL BUY SELL BUY SELL asdfghjkl.....drink Budweiser.