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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 

<foreverartistnow>       okay, so what do we need to know...
<foreverartistnow>       obvious = pythaagorern theorem
<jchu3hp>                some math contributions
<jchu3hp>                :D
<jchu3hp>                D: ahhhhhhhhh my shoulder.
<foreverartistnow>       lol, i got some stuff, lemme type it real quick
<jchu3hp>                kays
<foreverartistnow>       oh, kinda off topic, but i found one of those
                         hypnotizing blahblah websites, and decided to a 30 
                         min. past-life thing
<foreverartistnow>       it was free
<foreverartistnow>       and wierd
<jchu3hp>                lol a what
<foreverartistnow>       a past-life thing
<jchu3hp>                oh my.
<foreverartistnow>       it hypnotizies you so you can see a past life
<foreverartistnow>       apparently
<jchu3hp>                O.o oooooooooooooh.
<jchu3hp>                i want to talk about tea XD dunno why
<jchu3hp>                D: my shoulder is itchy.
<foreverartistnow>       tea is green
<foreverartistnow>       always
<foreverartistnow>       no matter what you do
<jchu3hp>                HYPOTHETICALLY lol hypothetically green
<foreverartistnow>       it will stay green
<jchu3hp>                no
<jchu3hp>                its brown like poooooooop. except...with sugar
<jchu3hp>                and poop is icky
<jchu3hp>                but tea is awesome
<foreverartistnow>       hypothetically
<jchu3hp>                now in green, brown, red, and yelloe
<jchu3hp>                yes, hypothetically. XP
<jchu3hp>                yellow*
<jchu3hp>                tEA tea Tea TEA!
<foreverartistnow>       tea teA tEA TEA
<jchu3hp>                lol nicely done
<jchu3hp>                WOULD YOU LIKE SOME... T?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?
<jchu3hp>                -evil laughter-
<foreverartistnow>       -evile is bad, evil... is still kinda bad-
<jchu3hp>                XD nice jacovie
<jchu3hp>                tea is awesome
<jchu3hp>                but now lets talk about old dead guys 
                         who made math more complicated
<foreverartistnow>       no, that was
<foreverartistnow>       evile is bad, evil... is still kinda bad
<foreverartistnow>       that was on 
<jchu3hp>                srysly?
<foreverartistnow>       look at the end of religion and science
<jchu3hp>                they have a lot more stuff on pythagoras
                         than euclid on wikipedia