Team Rocket's Base: 9 Arche 2017, from 9:30 to 9:51.

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You know, you're dead. I think you're dead.


He's dead. He's not dead because of a security fault and that gas leak we had five years ago... he's dead because he has a nut allergy, and he ate that sandwich.

'But it's always the best for Giovanni!'

'He's allergic to peanuts. You see, your fish sandwich was made of tuna that swam as close as five kilometres from a factory which might just have used nuts in its products thirty years ago! So you're responsible for killing him!'

Why don't we fire you already, Max? Why don't we?

You dropped that stupid Lift Key!

9:34 AM[edit]

Sing the anthem, please, would you!

I don't know the words.

'Of course you do! You're briefed on them every week!'

'Every week? Welcome!'

9:36:05 AM[edit]

You're going. I'm going to hire a car, but that's a different story.

9:37:13 AM[edit]


9:51 AM[edit]

You know, it's so boring here without Giovanni. Music? He only ever listened to Nickelback! Now we must listen to it as well!