The Dark Night

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Chapter 1: The clown jumped over the moon[edit]

It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a clown jumped over the moon and yelled "Why so serious?" painting a red grotesque smiley-face on the moon.

Chapter 2: The dish and spoon run away[edit]

Terrified, the dish ran away with the spoon. Then they enjoyed a nice bowl of Ben & Jerry's ice cream together. Insert sappy love scene here.

Chapter 3: A little dog laughed[edit]

A knight in shining armor rode up in his horse, flipped a coin, and said to the clown, "Heads, I punch your lights out for that act of vandalism, tails I don't." Since the coin flipped was a 2-headed coin, you can guess what happened next. A little dog laughed to see such fun. The knight took off his armor (so it wouldn't rust) and turned the hose full-force on the dog. The dog promptly ran away the same direction the dish and spoon had gone.

Chapter 4: The cat with the fiddle[edit]

The clown managed to dodge the blow, pulled out a blowtorch, and scorched half of the knights face, and one side of the coin. The knight pulled out a gun and said "Tails you die (showing the dark coin), heads you live". The clown stole the gun from him and robbed a bank with a whole ice cream truck full of his clown friends. The cat played Hey Diddle diddle on his fiddle. The tune reminded the knight of a dragon he was going to kill, so he grabbed a sword, put his armor back on, and rode off to slay the dragon. However, the dragon had already gone down to Georgia with a devil friend.

Chapter 5: General mayhem[edit]

Then the clowns kidnapped 2 fairies, put them in separate rooms, handed them explosives, and told them to blow each other up. Batman showed up, confiscated the explosives and hung the evil clown upside down. Then the cops arrived and took the clown to jail. The end.