The Fangly Snafferdoo

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Come now children, get in line
To see our shiny Zoo
Where in the cardboard cage resides
The Fangly Snafferdoo

Half submerged in swampy filth
It's fanglies snaffed and done
The Snafferdoo it cools itself
By lying in the Sun

Even still the story's told
Of islands far away
The tale of mighty hunters come
The Snafferdoo to slay

Across the ocean's stormy calm
Their mighty ship it sailed
If seas had been the least bit salt
Their voyage might have failed

Midst boiling magma icicles
Frozen by the flames
The Snafferdoo played Tic-Tac-Toe
And other friendly games

Said the hunters, "Hold ye there!"
"We've come to shoot you dead!"
"But if you'll just come back with us"
"We'll make a buck instead"

Now Snafferdoos are fearsome beasts
And not the sort to trust
This one couldn't see by day
And had to wait for dusk

For in the lands beyond the sea
Of strange and saltless tides
The sun shines brightly all night long
And then by day it hides

The beast it bared it's fangly fangs
And bragged that anyone
Who beat it fair at Battleship
It's capture would have won

The hunting party soon agreed
This contest was the way
And sent one of their own to fetch
The box so they could play

They spent some time in setting up
Before they could begin
By hiding all their ships they thought
The contest they could win

Each time the beast attacked
To hit a hunter's ship, it did
For it could read their minds to see
Just where their ships were hid

And when the hunters lost it seemed
the Snafferdoo was free.
But when it won it offered them
Best two out of three

Twice it lost on purpose
So it came back to their ship
Playing checkers with the captain
For the whole returning trip

And lying there within our Zoo
It's thoughts you'd never guess
It's made it's life's ambition
To beat the world at chess.

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