The Flying Fairy Association

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This isn't about lesbians. To find those see The National Water Current Prevention Society.

The Flying Fairy Association is an official group of people who come together once a month to go camping, meet Willy, smoke fags and play bucking bronco. It is a charity organisation that is heavily reliant on donations - many enthusiastic donors even giving (their own) head - which was set up by Tinker E. Bell (real name John Eltonsson) after he found that fairies (see dictionary definition) like himself were being outcast from society and as a result are unable to communicate with each other or enjoy themselves. The organisation was granted official government authority shortly after Right Said Fred won the london elections in 2007. The FFA, as they are sometimes known, have many celebrity endorsements and are planning a full media campaign for spring 2008 with their help.

Actually, the FFA was a secret organization of gay men who offered oral sex to any man on the plane, after reaching ten thousand feet. But they had to give this up since they outlawed smoking on the plane, and they didn't know what else one was to do after sex if not have a cigarette. They kept the name, though, and moved to bathrooms in parks and on camping grounds. And since they had serviced the pilots, they "got their wings" and also collected secret frequent flier miles.

The FFA began in the back rows of theaters during showings of the Rocky Horror's Picture Show. They took the initials FFA as Frankenfurter's Fairy Association. They loved Frankie and OH! Rocky! and they rarely came up for air. Coming! So's Brad. They knew all the lines but came to acknowledge a Higher Calling. This is how they ended up on airplanes doing the pilots, which is where the acronym came to be known as the Flying Fairy Association.

They tried to popularize their club during the 70's with the show The Flying Nunnery, which starred Sally Fieldman - one of the first truly successful transsexuals in history - and several transvestites dressed as nuns.