Right Said Fred

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There are many things they are too sexy for...

But not the destroying of your computer. SRSLI you don't know the awesome rad powers of their shirts.

Aha! Proof![edit]

“My shirt has gone through a rigorous washing regime! Yaaay! *claps hands very camply*”

~ Vin Diesel who clearly left the band before they became famous

“OMG! Why has my shirt got anti-semitic graffiti on it? COoOol!”

“Oh yeah? Well my shirt has other tiny shirts orbiting it!”

~ lol

“WTF evaaar my shirt starts Nuclear Wars with your Mum's Superman!”

~ pwnt

“OMG let's run for mayor in the London Elections 2007!”

~ One of the band members

“My shirt still pwns cats supreme”

~ a sandwich

“W/e lol”

~ Wang