The Monstrous Monster from the Murky Marsh/1

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The monster lay on the floor, happy that he had scared off the humans, but also in great agony after they brutally beat him. He felt himself drifting into an uneasy unconsciousness.

Suddenly, he was on the side of a mountain. He heard faint kazoo music coming from somewhere below him, but he decided not to turn around and see what it was. Instead, he decided to climb the mountain. But the more he climbed, the farther away the top of the mountain seemed to be, so that as he moved forwards, it looked as if he was going backwards. When he finally fell over in exhaustion, the mountaintop was farther than ever, and the kazoo music was still in the background. Disappointed that he had failed to reach the top, the monster decided to hurl himself off the side of the mountain. He leapt off the side and fell...only to land on the very top of the mountain. "That was interesting," he said. Suddenly, he farted.

The end.

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