The Stranger

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No! This is not me! Arrêtez! Arrêtez!

👨‍🎨: Oh, what misfortune befalls me. What injustice pervades la société for the reserved, patient man with the grand cerveau and much inner thoughts, hon hon!

👮🏻: Sir you murdered a man. Shot an innocent Arab gentlemen in the beach. That's a crime.

👨‍🎨: Oh, my big brain, my dark and shadowy inner world of monologues et angoisse! Extinguished by les mains cruelles de la loi! All because I am un athée! Bring me a stretcher! Call it, The Languid Pose of Existence!

👮🏻: You shot a man on a whim, you deserve to be in prison. What could possibly make you think you are being unjustly treated? Did you not commit the crime?

👨‍🎨: Oui, I did shoot the man on a whim — how bold, how mystérieux! The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma...

👮🏻: So you are guilty of murder, and now you are in prison.

👨‍🎨: Only because la société doesn't understand men like me, of such brooding character, of such inward bryonic capriciousness. I am oppressed. Par exemple, do you know, I believe that there is no objective morality? Only narratives we tell ourselves? How deep!

👮🏻: No, that is a relatively common belief held by many people, and most of them don't shoot men on the beach!

👨‍🎨: How would you know, you are un idiot and should suck mon caca! I am in prison because deep thinkers like me are oppressed.

👮🏻: No, you're in prison for shooting a man.

👨‍🎨: But he was Arab, and I am French.

👮🏻: Oh, shit, my bad. Why didn't you say so? You are free to go.

👨‍🎨: Are we not cursed, by this radical freedom???????????