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Feature voting

See below for a summary index of the current votes from which you can reach the individual voting pages. A full display of all active votes can be found here.

Article Score Nominator Nom. Date
anti-murders (voting) 1 (1-0) (open) A random specific guy 2019-05-22
Time Cubicle (voting) 4 (4-0) (open) Hindleyite 2019-01-14
magnetic trousers (voting) 0 (1-1) (open) Japanese Cat 2018-12-18
The Stranger (voting) 2 (2-0) (open) Nothinggetspastyou 2018-12-17
Spy Story (voting) 3 (3-0) (open) Snarglefoop 2018-08-06
Nonsensical Table of the Elements (voting) -1 (1-2) (open) Lol 2018-06-23
Super Puberty (voting) -3 (0-3) (open) Sophia 2018-05-26
Not so Fairy Tales (voting) 1.5 (2.5-1) (open) Fiery Meme 2018-02-22
Jedi (voting) 2 (3-1) (open) Fiery Meme 2017-12-21
Dinner wars (voting) 0 (1-1) (open) Dan-ny 2017-10-14
Wikinet (voting) -2 (1-3) (open) Lolo 2017-05-22
Series:I'm just trying to boost my edit count (voting) -1 (3-4) (open) Gruntled 2017-04-26
Less than three (voting) 1 (2-1) (open) XY007 2017-03-26
Avril Lavigne Reference Desk (voting) 2 (2-0) (open) XY007 2016-03-06
Good electricity and bad electricity (voting) 2 (2-0) (open) Gruntled 2016-01-04

Previous entries can be found at the VFF archive - or separately, ones featured, ones waiting to be featured and the failed nominations.

This category tree also contains all nominated pages and their votes. (useful for checking that the VFF template has been added/removed correctly)

Nominate an article[edit]

Enter the full name of the article below (make sure to use proper capitalization) and click "Nominate", then follow the instructions on the next page to create the entry.