The Very Very End

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The Very Very End is an event that is meant to occur slightly after The Very End which is a short period of time after The End. Before that was Almost The End. After The Very Very End comes The Ultimate End after which is The Final Ultimate End of Ultimate Finality.

The Very Very End has caused a controversy among the latter times. Some latter times argue that they ought to be the very last end. The Last End has remained neutral on the subject but has a large number of supporters. Some times argue that latter times ought to have rights, and that all times are created equal, thus none of them should get to be the last time.

In popular culture[edit | edit source]

Daft Punk wrote a landmark song about the issue called "One More Time" which inspired The Rolling Stones to go back in time and record, "The Last Time" so they could sue the guy they copied the melody off of.