Threats to the world

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The world is full of here-to-fore unsuspected threats to its existance:

  • Ocean leakage - the ocean seeps through ocean floor fault lines into the mantle.
  • Mountain loafing - you know how a mountain is fine one second, and then it just... loafs?
  • Perfume pollution - human beings cannot breathe Allure #12.
  • Chia Pet epidemic - a hardier Chia Pet plant is developed which immediately displaces all other plant life.
  • What goes up must come down - like a top, a rotating planet must eventually fall over.
  • Property dispute - one day, a guy shows up with The Title Deed to the World.
  • "Mad as hell" syndrome
  • Strings get tangled - string theory predicts that everything is made of vibrating strings, but O-B-V-I-O-U-S-L-Y these strings never get tangled up, right?
  • Protons go on strike
  • False vacuum (has its own article, owing to the extreme treat it poses)
  • The quantum reveal - a physicist measures a scandalous quantum state, forcing the universe to resign.
  • Numerology - by an amazing coincidence, the unlucky numbers all line up, precipitating megadeath.
  • The Big Ripoff - the deal's gone sour man, we're gonna lose our organs on this one.