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Considered by some to just be an urban myth, the fictional town of Tokyo was an area of the world where Santa Claus reigned supreme. Under the rule of the great Santa Clausian dictator, Wang Mang, Tokyo became an economic superpower.

The Rise of Tokyo[edit | edit source]

Tokyo began by trading along the Silk Roads with areas of Europa like Calcutta and New Hampshire. It became more and more productive as the Hippinese dictatorship grew and snowballed in power. The power became so great that people were thinking of renaming it. One of the city's great citizens suggested America. The dictator was disgusted by the people trying to rename the country so he excommunicated all of those great people to the Worlds Worst Place: England.

The Journey of the Men[edit | edit source]

The men who were excommunicated from Tokyo continued on to London, England. Once there they had children. The children were then interbred with the english, eagles, and awesomeness and they decided to walk/fly out of London. The children then proceded to fly across the Atlantic to a place called the new world.

In the New World[edit | edit source]

Once settling down, the children took perch on a place called Plymoth Rock. Then Christopher Columbus came. He shot and killed everyone of the children and proceded to eat them. That was the first Thanksgiving. Christopher Colombus gained the powers of the Eaglet/Tokyo/awesomeness hybrids and proceded to create America and appointed George W. Bush.

The Fall of Tokyo[edit | edit source]

After America was created, George W. Bush, and Christopher Colubus engaged in a war against Tokyo. Obviously, America won. Tokyo was then nuked, and ripped off of America's Planet's crust and became the moon. And thats what happened to the mythical town of Tokyo.