Trivial Trivia

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If you have watched the show, I'll ask the questions here! than your face as congealed and been ripped off your head. Apart from your eyes and ears, because we want you to watch the show that comes after that game show...

Trivial Trivia! Trivia! Trivia!

Announcer: Hello, everyone! I'm not Jay Leno and I'm your host on everyone's least favorite show...

Trivial Trivia! Trivia! Trivia!

Now let's meet our five contestants!

1st, a burger flipper at McDonalds from Topeka, Kansas! It's Joe Gibbonsman!

Joe: Hi, not Jay Leno! It' Great to be here at...

Trivial Trivia! Trivia! Trivia!

Announcer: Our 2nd contestant is an easily distracted 30-year old with a 96 IQ who lives with his mom, please welcome Sam Smith!

Sam: Thanks, not Jay Lemon!

Announcer: I said I'm not Jay Leno!

Sam: I can't believe I actually passed the test and got accepted into the show!

Announcer: It was a two-question test, Sam. The first question was your name.

Sam: I know! It was really hard! Anyway, It's great to be here at...

Trivial Trivia! Trivia! Trivia!

Ooh. I like the echo!

Trivial Trivia! Trivia! Trivia!

Trivial Trivia! Trivia! Trivia!

Trivial Trivia! Trivia! Trivia!


Announcer: Ahem. Moving on, our 3rd contestant is the violent assassin who hates game show hosts, people who aren't Jay Leno, and people who introduce him, it's...

Violent assassin: Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Announcer: Oh, that was my good arm! Anyway, please welcome Tim Burns!


Announcer: Very good. Anyway, out 4th contestant is a blind woman with a bad temper, it's Tammy Kablammy! Wait. Did I read that right?

Tammy: What's wrong with my name?! Is it too rhyming for you?! Come over here so I can sock you!

Announcer: No thanks.

And I guess that's it!

5th contestant: Wait! I'm still here! I'm the fifth contestant!

Announcer: No you're not. You don't exist.

5th contestant: Yes I do! I'm the fifth contestant!

Announcer: If you exist, than you would say 5th, not fifth.

5th contestant: But I exist! My name is Bob!

Announcer: No you don't.

Bob: If I don't exist, than why are you talking to me?

Announcer: Because you don't exist.

Bob: Ugh.

Announcer: Now let's begin...

Trivial Trivia! Trivia! Trivia!

Here are the rules.

The rules[edit]

  • Every round, I'll ask a question.
  • You'll respond by saying Ding! after I answer the question.
  • If you press the buzzer instead of saying Ding!, than I'll hit you with a fly swatter.
  • Points are given accordingly.

Answering a question: 1 point

  • If you answer a question incorrectly, I'll send you to Cuba, not Cube, uh. Cuba.

Let's get started![edit]

Announcer: What is the capital of-

Sam: 144!

Announcer: that's one month in Cuba. Ahem. What is the capital of Thailand?

Joe: Ding! Bangkok!

Announcer: That's correct!

Sam: Bagel? I love bagels!

Announcer: Not Bagel. Bangkok.

What is a grunt?

Sam: The blue wale!

Announcer: That's another month in Cuba, and you spelled "Whale" wrong.

Tim: Ding! Graaaaah!

Announcer: Correct!

Next, what is the abbreviation for Hydrogen?

Tammy: What the H*** of a question is that?

Announcer: Correct! H!

Now who invented the electric light bulb?

Bob: Thomas Edison!

Announcer: Did you hear something, Tim?

Tim: Graaaaaah!

Announcer: I thought not.

Bob: Please! Let me answer a question!

Announcer: Fine. Someone give the amorphous and incredibly arduous voice A Question.

Bob: Yessss! Wait, what's this?

Announcer: A DVD called "A Question." If you watch it, you will become more arduous than previously stated, you annoying little voice.

Now, what is a-

Sam: (Presses buzzer) Yarn!

Announcer: That's another month in Cuba and a fly swatter to the face. (SWAT!)

Now what is a-

Sam: Ding! Peanut Butter! Ha ha huh ha huh yuk yuk yuk-


Announcer: Tammy, please don't shoot Sam.

Tammy: Relax you, *****. I missed his heart.

Now, what is a-



Tammy: Sorry.

Announcer: WHAT IS A GAME SHOW?!

Joe: Trivial Trivia.

Announcer: Correct. Now you win.

Joe: What's my prize?

Announcer: Don't cover Joe with flammable gel, boys. The other contestants are fine!

Joe: Yay!

Announcer: And that concludes this episode of...

Trivial Trivia! Trivia! Trivia!