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True Korea Illogicopedia is the only web site guaranteed to be universally accessible throughout Hell the Democratic People's Republic of Korea a.k.a. True Korea. It literally comprises their entire Internet experience. The happy and affluent citizens of the world's best country are so entertained and informed by True Korea Illogicopedia that it really is the only part of the Internet that they really need, so their Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un decided, in his wisdom, to simply redirect all of True Korea's Internet traffic to the site. This reduces technical problems on the country's network without inconveniencing anyone.

Unlike in decadent Capitalist America, True Korea's Internet traffic is network netural. All citizens traffic is treated equally, and is given equal access to the site. Greedy corporations do not control True Korean Internet. The site contains detailed descriptions of world events that are guaranteed to be accurate because they are curated by the Korean government.

Koreans have plenty of leisure time to access the site because there is no poverty or oppression in True Korea. It is truly a workers paradise.