Uber Insane

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Gong? Yes, I think so.GAWell, yes.µ.. but I 0nly think sozx².ŧ Uh-he-he-he-he. Lookee. MhmEXcuseME but I dÜberlieve ﺻﻺﻒ. УСТАНОВСКий. Yar,-please allowmet tu bruté? WHY ? WHYY? K-uuur-Kk-ah-hem. Yeah. Anyway, as I was saying, I… HAVE CONFIDENCE IN SUNSHINE… refuse to acknowledge that C is an important letter; try my hardest to speak in a nonletusseewhatoffendiwilleatwaï but I FAIL with flying colourç. I haven’t got all day you knowcatchaflyinapairofchopsticks,

!Sanguin Guzzler![edit | edit source]