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Intense Volleyball... Is it up your butt?

— Kroger

Kroger's Quotes - A collection of out-of-context quotes from various sources. Maybe don't use these as your senior quote.

  • "McDonald's is life, brah."
  • "What's your favorite board game?" "Uno."
  • "That's a whole pretzel!"
  • "PLEASE do not start stripping on this bus!"
  • "When the first move is pants removal, you KNOW it's gonna be good." --Leif Garrett, World's Dumbest Partiers 21
  • "Don't tell me it's a party cab unless you want me to get naked." --Leif Garrett, World's Dumbest Performers 15
  • "What's more in the spirit of Christmas, than eating ass?" --Dan Avidan, 2018
  • "I like them apples! " -
  • "See, no one screams that way unless they're having a REAL good time, and you KNOW she had a really good time!" --Let's Game it Out (source, 10:47)
  • "The fact that this exists exemplifies why we can't have nice things." --Let's Game It Out (source, 1:26)
  • "Records, like sexual performance, can be overgraded: one man’s EX is another woman’s G-." --source
  • "uhhhhhhhh who the fuck am i ?????? i don't know man ..... all i know is that i'm not cis .... am i genderQUEER? genderFLUID? who the hell knows!!!" --senny