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Intense Volleyball... Is it up your butt?

— Kroger


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What do you do with 80 Gallons Of Gas and a river?
...Und Nein, ich bin keine Banane.



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Aboot Me[edit]

i like listening to music, watching sports, drawing, and writing. currently higher than the pending changes backlog. wikipedia escapee (find me at SouthernKangaroo - mostly ded acct. now tho). i may or may not have escaped from the base of mental unhealth. wait, what? i didn't say anything, what are you talking about? also a member of the Strangled Cat Party. and ya, i'm definately willing to do a collab.
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The greatest Cleverbot duet

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userboxes - exactly what it says on the tin
datadump - utter shite (stories from high school and other things)
my genius creations - being moderately sleep deprived has its advantages, it seems
funny quotes - a collection of quotes
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quarks n stuff[edit]

i made a thing are you proud of me
My dark sea bass wants to submit your sparkle sprayers