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A detailed plan of the ride.

The Black Turtle was Illogicopedia's first theme park ride. It will also probably be the last.

Constructed in late 2010 by an illustrious but somewhat annoying theme park architect (who was already known for uploading way too many images), it stretched far across Illogiland, looping through many areas of the vast country which the designer had picked carefully. The construction of the ride, however, was found annoying to the majority of inhabitants. Some people had tried to take down the ride, but the architect continued. People complained on his mail, asking him to stop. Either he was ignorant or he didn't know how to read - he continued. Obviously, he was soon jailed briefly by an enforcement officer and the ride was dismantled by a helpful dismantler person, before anyone was ever able to ride on it.

The architect tested the ride on some cats, but they were the only ones who ever got to ride on it.

However, once free, the architect continued with his plans. He began rebuilding the Black Turtle, once again ignoring requests for him to stop. The same officer returned and shot him in the head. He died.

The officer gave the dismantler person a break and got rid of the mess himself.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Rollercoasters don't work in rural countries, especially if they consist of a lot of irritating building in an other-wise quiet area. If you do decide to make one you will be shot. Survivors will be shot again. But we'll probably kill you the first time.

Let that be a lesson to you.