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  Athyria has attained 3.1415927 stars.   Taco taco taco taco taco. Taco. 

This day will be devoted to silent study. I'll want to hear silence from all of you!

—The Madness

Dead bird.svg

Er, for findability's sake:

Features in bold, because why not.


Crossbow ~ System failure ~ It's quiet now. I do not know how long we have... ~ A Story of Stops ~ If only ~ Edge of the world ~ I spoke to my cat ~ Flying squirrels ~ The God of Fried Chicken Drippings


Plastic ~ Groarnge ~ The madman in my head ~ The Shining ~ Madness ~ Silver ~ Fanged bananas ~ I need sleep ~ Photograph ~ Lurg ~ Large yak ~ HowTo:Create realistic faces with a 3D modelling application ~ Ariss ~ Well-written madness ~ What happened this morning


I'm trying to write an IllogiNews article, not really succeeding‎


Sofa ~ Eggplant ~ Causation ~ Python ~ Fnoodle ~ Ocean ~ Truthiness ~ Schröedinger's Cockroach ~ This page is a minor edit ~ Map ~ Circular logic ~ Exploding Duck Theory ~ Olive ~ Joseph Fourier ~ Maybe if I smack my computer with a tin of tea, it'll stop making funny noises ~ Crowbar ~ HotCat ~ Carl Friedrich Gauss ~ Fanged peas ~ Arf arf ~ Venus (planet) ~ That place ~ Skew ~ Wolf ~ Days like these ~ Ream ~ You are here ~ Triangle ~ Path ~ Look ~ Flying ~ Sin Dog ~ I need to write an article ~ A murder of cows ~ A problem ~ When the painkillers wear off ~ Ode to pants

If you must ask, I don't know. Or I didn't do it, depending. Mind, if I broke something, deleted something I shouldn't have, or otherwise did something silly, please tell me. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and won't ever know, otherwise, and that would just be deplorable. You may have to convince me, though.

I may also be found on the Uncyclopedia, probably chasing people around with a frying pan or something. I seem to do a lot of that over there.
I don't actually know which, if either, of these I would call my 'home', however. There are a lot of trout on both.