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  Athyria has attained 3.1415927 stars.   Taco taco taco taco taco. Taco. 

Remember that time...

—The Madness

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Er, for findability's sake:

Features in bold, because why not.


Crossbow ~ System failure ~ It's quiet now. I do not know how long we have... ~ A Story of Stops ~ If only ~ Edge of the world ~ I spoke to my cat ~ Flying squirrels ~ The God of Fried Chicken Drippings


Plastic ~ Groarnge ~ The madman in my head ~ The Shining ~ Madness ~ Silver ~ Fanged bananas ~ I need sleep ~ Photograph ~ Lurg ~ Large yak ~ HowTo:Create realistic faces with a 3D modelling application ~ Ariss ~ Well-written madness ~ What happened this morning


I'm trying to write an IllogiNews article, not really succeeding‎


Sofa ~ Eggplant ~ Causation ~ Python ~ Fnoodle ~ Ocean ~ Truthiness ~ Schröedinger's Cockroach ~ This page is a minor edit ~ Map ~ Circular logic ~ Exploding Duck Theory ~ Olive ~ Joseph Fourier ~ Maybe if I smack my computer with a tin of tea, it'll stop making funny noises ~ Crowbar ~ HotCat ~ Carl Friedrich Gauss ~ Fanged peas ~ Arf arf ~ Venus (planet) ~ That place ~ Skew ~ Wolf ~ Days like these ~ Ream ~ You are here ~ Triangle ~ Path ~ Look ~ Flying ~ Sin Dog ~ I need to write an article ~ A murder of cows ~ A problem ~ When the painkillers wear off ~ Ode to pants

If you must ask, I don't know. Or I didn't do it, depending. Mind, if I broke something, deleted something I shouldn't have, or otherwise did something silly, please tell me. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and won't ever know, otherwise, and that would just be deplorable. You may have to convince me, though.

I may also be found on the Uncyclopedia, probably chasing people around with a frying pan or something. I seem to do a lot of that over there.
I don't actually know which, if either, of these I would call my 'home', however. There are a lot of trout on both.