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HeavenO! I am Conservatism, cofounder and Castellan at New Conservapaedia.


Welcome to our humble wiki, Conservatism! You will find we are neither conservative nor liberal, but rather insane here. Our politics are of a different type: Here you will find Ducks, Anti-Ducks, Apathy in Action, and many others. Our official-type policies are here and here. We also have a beginner's manual, most of us find it quite delicious. We hope you find something of amusement here. simsilikesims VI:LII, XXI Farbleum MMXI (UTC)
Many thanks for the welcoming missive, though don't most wikis (even heathen ones) have the elves produce welcoming missives on the user talk page?I know is an exception though not this place. Many thanks for the links, your commandments are definitely crazy around here. Expect to see me hanging around here (except on the Sabbath, which if you didnn't know is Saturday) and I will be sure to read those other monstrosities. This is definitely the most welcoming heathem wiki I have stumbled upon. All I ask is that you at least don't use Islamic numerals in my userspace. Sign using three tildes. HesavenO!--Conservatism