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  This section is Logical; it is meant to be so. Prepare to get bored!  
  Sensible Section  

Oh cool, I can create my own silly articles!

Oh, yo. You seem to have stumbled across the Illogicopedia, the nonsensical encyclopedia. You might be wondering "what's all this about?" Well we aren't going to spend too long boring you (there are plenty of other pages that will do that), so here's the lowdown.

Illogicopedia is an encyclopedia of surrealism, nonsense and general intrigue that anybody can add to. This means you can write stuff, and by all means do that!

We don't have many policies and stuff like that but what is there can be summed up as "common sense". Whilst you'd think that would go out of the window here, contrary to unpopular belief we're not always insane. Just most of the time.

You'll learn stuff as you go along, which is always the best way to approach things. If you have any problem whatsoever, don't hesitate to ask someone, either in the forum or on an administrator's userpage. Fnurdletoot.

More detailed stuff[edit | edit source]

Ya don't have to read this lot (I know I didn't) but it's useful to know in the future. A future where we're all free from responsibilities and can practise free love on buses. Cough.