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User:Hindleyite/thing is apparently a repository for spamulated defects, a bot attractor oriented towards the Great Attractor. Spam percolates through Illogicopedia at light speed, only slowed to a stop between electronic heartbeats. Dangling prolapsed things intrude on our peripheral vision ever so slightly, but enough, alas, alack, aloof.

Baritone Saxons cautiously considered the ramrodifications of tallywhacking thusly and such, in such a thusly manner as to summon the attentions of conservative politicians. A quick trip to the barber furthered the lackluster dust buster. A panoply of pandaemonic hysteria took over the city as darkness rose. Werewombats lurked, greedily lustful and preening for blood.

Zombie giraffes were hired to fill in shifts, driving snow plows and picketing Westboro Baptist Church, carrying signs warning of the perils of inbreeding.