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Good evening. I am Jokerman, a user at this fine establishment. I am a news reporter who is wishing to rescue IllogiNews from obscurity. I am a refugee from Uncyclopedia and UnNews. I first found the site through Google on a search for the Rebecca Black song Friday. It was an extremely clever and witty piece and I promptly joined after commenting to the author on its quality. I joined UnNews working for an abrasive yet likeable fellow. I published several pieces and he polished them for me. That fellow eventually left and his whereabouts are still unknown. After the quality of the publication declined, I ran amuk to explore other things. I decided to announce my retirement and join this site one goodly user introduced me to. The atmosphere seems more relaxed, less sex-obsessed, and a bit more silly, which is to my benefit.

In real life, I am a fifty-six year old man living in America on the East Coast. I am a history tutor and George W. Bush impersonator. The impersonation is my hobby, which I have shared with several people. People comment on my silliness, and refer to me as a bit childish. They also comment on my lifelong lack of a relationship, which, quite frankly, I do not give a rat's ass about. I do thank you for your willingness to read my post.

My username is based on a Bob Dylan song of the same name.