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Some call me Specsy1, others:


'Fair Flyer'

'Nick H Bomb'

'Smickelbrass Browley'

'Nicky "The Juggernaut" '

These vary depending on the person, whether they are my enemy or my friend. However this being the internet and the time being the 21st century, I could never give my real name.

Interests include playing the piano at an inhuman speed, badminton, arguing, and creative writing.

In fact the article I started (Wallace Intrubé) was written to parody a friend of mine (who has a similar but different name which I cannot give) and create an illustrious history that was (partially) true. Some of the events are based on real life circumstances and traits of this interesting but highly rip-able person. As for the other pages, these have either been entirely invented in the last few days, or spring from rumours that have developed over the years among the group - especially anything that in relation to Sabden. Balafalafa refers to a real person, as do most of the characters in Wallace Intrubé's page (with the exception of Svenna Majori and various Forest Friends characters). Despite writing about people the public at large will not personally know, most of the events are completely fictional and are targeted at anyone - so I hope people don't find the pages exclusive. I and a few others have also tried to make a little humour by parodying the style of Wikipedia or of newspapers (so I hope this comes across).

As a very bored person with a very long summer, I started it as a creative writing project. Knowing there was so much to write about and many things I hadn't myself invented, I spread the idea to a few others - yes there are only about 4 or 5 total people editing these linked pages, no more! Obviously it looks like there's 7 or 8 because I sometimes edit without logging in..... But the bottom line is, we're not launching a full-scale aggressive takeover or something - there's only 5 of us, and several thousand pages on this site. The maths does itself. And if we were, we'd use other measures - like The Biscuit Technique, or we'd commit serial arson or something - not too worrying.

Most might not see the humour in the pages, but in our area they've made a good impact - being plastered all over Facebook etc. Comments vary. But like they say, all publicity is good publicity...

And yes, I do know Sammy12345 personally XD

Pages so far: (some created by others)

  1. Wallace Intrubé
  2. The Snickets
  3. Sabden
  4. Balafalafa
  5. The Intrubé Dynasty
  6. Lancashire
  7. Cambridge
  8. Karen Armstrong
  9. Mr Lamb
  10. Forest Friends