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Welsh is a language invented one day while playing scrabble. It looks like this:

Llwy wyll llywyllyw lyllyllylly wllwllwllw. Yllw wlyllw wyllllywwyllwywyllwywywywy ywywyw yyyyyyyyyy wwww.

Children are often forced to learn it in school in Wales. Sometimes they succeed. More often they get into fights with the verb forms, and lose. Then they feel bad because they didn't pass the test. But the verbs feel good. Verbs like mystifying Welsh learners; it's one of their hobbies.

Some people have tried to get rid of Welsh because they thought it was no good. They must not have realised it was really the language of heaven and the angels would make sure it stayed alive.

It also appears on road signs sometimes because the drivers think it's some kind of word game and they get distracted from driving because they try to figure it out, and this makes more car accidents, which is what road signs are for.

Llywywlw ylwlw wlwlyw wyayyya wlwlwlwywyy wywywyw wywy wywlll wlwywyw wlwlwllllyw llllwuyw.

Lywlywl wlyw wlwywwlw wwwwlww wlw wwylw wllwwyll lw lwlwl. Lwlwlwlwy lwyyw lw wywyw lwywy yy. Ywwlwlwlwywlww wwywlw wu wwyllw lwyy Ywwlww, lww lwwywyw wywywyw wyw wyw wywwylwwlwlwlwwlwlwlllllllllllw wywyw wyww wywl wwywl w.

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