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“Why am I the only human here?!”

~ A welshman on Welsh people sheep

Part of the United Kingdom

Welschkiffen.png Ms Sheep.jpg
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: "Lwly yywlw wywlw wylwyw"
Anthem: Baa baa black sheep
Capital Cardiff
Largest city Cardiff
Official languages Welsh
Government England
Prime Minister None
National Hero(es) They're holding out for one
Currency £
Religion The Holy Church of our wooly saviours
Population Unknown (some claim negative)
Area 2cm2
Population density Well, there's some very dense fog...
Ethnic groups Welsh
Major exports Leeks
Major imports Rain
National animal Sheep, of course
Favourite pastime Being 'friendly' to sheep
Opening hours The third Monday of every month
Internet tld
Calling code +44

Wales (or Old South Wales) (or Whales) (or Wails) (Welsh: Llandwllllwgwynylwyl Ddwllaircwnllwllwllllwwl Caerllswlldvdd) is that thing, next to England. You know, the one that's not England? But it's right next to England, I'm telling you! Seriously, it's like someone saw England and then smushed Wales into the side of it. Honestly, we've not made it up.


Historically Wales was a suburb of Atlantis that was founded by illiterate whale worshippers, wanting to name their new land after these giants of the sea, but failing thanks to their own incompetence.

Wales was once a small collection of about 18 smaller states, the two most important being Dadlau and Rhyfel. These two states were joined together in the year 486. Since its creation the denizens of Wales have evolved from worshipping Whales to worshipping Goblins and, eventually, sheep.

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