What did you eat

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Two caffeine pills and a glass of orange juice. Because in the morning I am too sleepy to make decent coffee. I always forget to put in the frickin filter.


Too busy using up the caffeinated energy to eat lunch. Emptied the cat box, took out the trash, ran the dishwasher, called a relative, sorted laundry, then generally wasted time online. See how productive I am on caffeine?

Mid-Afternoon Snack[edit]

Chocolate. Want chocolate. Too lazy to make cocoa, and its too warm out besides. Out of chocolate. Ice cream. Want ice cream. Nope, ate all 4 ice cream bars the day they got home. No ice cream today. Candy? Nope, that's off-limits, except......BREATH MINTS! Delicious breath mints. Yay, candy! (Consumes entire box of breath mints.)


Let's see what food is left in the house. Chili? Had that the other day. Spaghetti? Maybe, but out of meatballs. No ground beef on hand, and no money to buy more. Hamburgers? Those pre-made patties are too darn salty, and tough besides. Frozen fish? Its been in there so long its freezer-burned. Rummages in pantry. Ah, a can of clam chowder. A quick, easy meal. Oddly, the entire can still wasn't enough for one hungry person.

Evening Snack[edit]

Popcorn is the perfect snack while watching Billy the Exterminator. The only thing better would be fried rattlesnake (or xweetok) meat. Watching snakes be trapped only makes me hungrier. Watching bees nests go down only makes me want honey. Should've watched Food Network instead. Switches channel. Ah, Chopped. I wonder what they will do with grasshoppers in that basket? Darn it, now I want chocolate again. Shoulda rented a movie. Then again, that would cost money, that I could spend on a bag of chocolate chips. Grrrrr. Maybe I should've gone to the library and borrowed some books. Too late, the library is closed now. At least its not too late for hot cocoa, now that I'm actually awake.

Late Night Snack[edit]

Craving something savory. Time to raid the pantry again. Ah, green beans. Maybe with some butter and salt. After all, vegetables are supposed to be good for you. (Eats entire can of green beans.) Something crunchy would be good. Time to raid the fridge. Baby carrots! Nice and crunchy. Delicious with ranch dressing. (Eats entire bag of baby carrots.)

Why am I still Up Snack[edit]

Okay, maybe shouldn't have watched "1000 ways to die" this close to bedtime. Time for a nice calming cup of tea. Cookies are good with tea. Delicious cookies. Eats entire package of cookies. Ah, finally full. Time for bed.