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Words are assembled using a power drill and wooden planks. They are displayed in bedrooms. But occasionally you will see words spoken by people and even animals (in badly written fantasy movies, or maybe when your tripping out). Used wisely they can enhance your productivity. But if you are a foolish wordsmith with a blatant disregard for peoples ears, you will pank a hard lawnover.

Liver words[edit]

Sound is unlike words, as words can be wrote. We call these "Liver words", words that function orally but not anally. A Backhorse is a good example of this.


Wordaholics are people who literally speak their tongue out while trying to string a sentence together. Victims are tongue raped by their pronunciation. Even actors have been found with a off-stage power course in readable wording.

Do not let this put you off though, words are important as they communicate your brainthoughts.