Your Computer has Crashed

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A problem has been detected and Windows 95 98 XP Vista has terminated itself to prevent damage to your computer. The problem was caused by the following file something you did to the following harmless file:


If this is the first time you've seen this error screen (yeah right!), restart your computer, so you can see the same error screen again in a different format. If this screen appears again, your computer is fully functional. Otherwise, please follow these steps:

Check to make sure any new porn is properly installed in your C:/ drive. If this is a recent addition to your collection, ask your porn-dealer for any mandatory Windows update you might definitely need.

If problems continue, disable or remove all of your porn and format your C:/ drive. Disable some random system file that might possibly be causing problems because you did something to it and Windows cannot be held responsible for any guaranteed loss that will definitely be caused by this. If you need to boot in Safe Mode, which will make sure Windows is fully functional before crashing again, restart your computer, then press the STFU key on your keyboard to select "Destroy Your System" and then select "Uninstall Windows".

Technical Information (numbers and letters that will not help you): *** LOLHACKED: 0x98420948208374683738082175028375023857320845 (0.00000000, 1.33333337, 3.14159246)

*** YOUSUCKBALLS.DLL: Address STFUNOOB base at ALLYOURBASE, datestamp OVER9000.