Your microbes are fleeing

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~ A sans serif fanatic

“To notice, your grand gestures at defamation are really giving me my annual inflation of cerebral inflammation; martial law condones it all the way, but there is always a limit to how far you can take it to fearlessness. Carry me home this time, Charlie - we're going further into the retinoid.”

~ B.O.T.E.

“Expunge my life before you, Corsica, for you will be pleased with the results; granular teething upon the brink of denuclearization can be fearsome for the gyroid tears, y'know.”

~ Cease, she said

“Is there any - no, has there been any room for the dent-timed frontrunners? Yeah, the veritably concave ones with freed causation waivers? Try to manage their aspherical retentions because those can freeze really slowly.”

~ Kinetic formulations

“Your morbid injunction of all things Caldwell-related can infringe on the few impressionable dioptric corner-breakers we have in stock. Attempt your feasibility now or suffer in fluidity.”


“Ocular viscera will always be best when it is still throbbing, flowing, feeling, blinking, screaming... A flair for the ostentatious never hurt anyone.”

“That damn coupe can't get any further if you're eyeballing that baronial fermentation process! What are we, fluorescent vesicles?”

~ Quotidian garrulousness as embodied by innumerable exercises in superfluous verbosity and ironic verbal redundancy

“Pleasantries aside, my callosity bears no relation to this combustible protrusion; if anything, it sublimates it, expunging any compunctious deliriums. Genuflect!”

~ Would the calcium be further ratified with a coerced boon?

“Try not to get excited when the flange distance comes nearer to the blackened percolator of fringe gallows, especially when there's a motor drive and a creel re-inhabitation.”

~ An aversity in relation to feline ensnarement

“Sjm, gpl lhp qjlpf byf mp.”

~ Ralpfjrrc kyxyzc