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  To be confudidilly-uddled mit Stalking Cookies  
  To be red blue-linked vith Talking cookies  

Cookies are circular-shaped thingys that you eat with 'gusto' (whatever that is, but I bet it tastes good). They normally consist of flowers, lemons, and tea leaves.


[edit] History of cookies

Cookies were invented sometime, somewhere, somehow.

...what, were you actually looking for a history of cookies? You fool(s)!

[edit] Milk

Chocolate, to be precise.

Everyone loves lemon flavored gummi bears!

...what? No, I don't mean flavoured. What do you think I am, British?

...I only have a British accent because of movies, okay?

No, I am not of European descent! I'm Chinese!

I met her aged 8. We swam, ate, felicitated together; sometimes her hair would be curly, sometimes it would not. Cookies changed that.

me too me too me too me too me too me too me too me too

[edit] Cookies and their affiliation with milk

Upon discovering cookies, creepy stuffed things will direct you to the nearest bakery. The aforementioned milk is often to be consumed with cookies as a depressant and, as a result, one must avoid caffeine at all costs to avoid twitching, headbutting people outta the way, and accidentally wearing your onesie inside-out.

[edit] Cookie Sanban

Rainbow monkeys! Uh... oopsy...