Eeble sonk

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Whoops. Maybe you were looking for Evil socks?

An eeble sonk is very much like a perfectly normal sonk, only much more eeble. Yes; fear the eeble of the eeble sonks!

It is said that their sane powers can drive even the most gibbering wreck to the dark path of logic and coherency; such a gruesome fate. So gruesome, in fact, that it would no doubt make the poor, innocent victim scream in terribly terrible terror! Eeeeeeeee!

Glibbering wreck vs. gibbering wreck[edit]

Glibbering wrecks are more fortified to the powers of the eeble sonk. They can withstand for up to 30 seconds, however, 'gibbering' wrecks are not so lucky. They have only been gifted to 5 seconds of insanity.