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XY007, ON THIS TUESDAY (OR WEDNESDAY) 8th (or 9th), of November, 2016, will be providing coverage of the United States presidential election.

In a significantly illogical manner, of course.

Times are Australian. For the UTC, subtract 11 hours, for East Coast time subtract 16 hours, for West Coast time subtract 19 hours.

09:55 AM[edit]

Would you rather: Nuke Iraq or build a wall? I like that wall, to be honest. Green Day performed 'American Idiot' at the music awards of Europe. It all fits, honestly. 09 55 Result.PNG And subsequently: Current Poll.PNG (Personally, I'm supporting Gary Johnson. He seems to know the right thing to do).

10:25 AM[edit]

Hillary Clinton, Meme Queen 2016. 1030Poll.PNG


Just listing the candidates.


Trump Clinton Johnson Stein Others
735770 570249 55797 5194 4565


Changed greatly, actually. Now it's Trump: 30 million, Hillary: 29 million.

2016 US Election
An Illogicopedian guide to a very something-cratic election. Hide the kids!
Hilly the First Female (Democracy or what?)Bigger than life, like Texas (It's a republic obviously)
For a better nickname... (Republicant (with the ant on the end)Three generations and counting (Like Fox News)IRISH-ish (I'm pretty democrazy)Money does the job (Rep yet again)Not related to KFC (On the far bluish end)John Ithinki'mgonnabesick (The GOP will gladly clean my mess)Green-skinned Frankenstein (It might be the cannabis...)
Result: Let's all move to Canada!
See who's in and who's out
Final Candidates
It's Hillary-ous how negligent yet over-qualified she is to do this!
Rigging and bribing my way to the top is the ultimate political Trump card!