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  Colonel Sanders has attained 1 stars.   For the biography of the greatest capitalist the world has ever seen. 


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Welcome to my user page.

It's Colonel Sanders! He's got chicken

I get to attend one of the fine univiersities [sic] in America, and as such I am not as active as I would like to be here, but I am hoping to change that for the betterment of the site. Or something.

For some odd reason, my userpage has over 4000! WHOOPPEEE! views. Weird. If you can't get the Colonel here for some odd reason, he's probably down at his desk at SEU, Knowino, RationalWiki, or A Storehouse of Knowledge. But you have a better chance of getting him here. Seriously.

My Articles[edit]

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This wretched vandal has defaced 3,568 pages.

The Colonel's Recommended Reading Meh, they're all crap. They're all here for your inconvenience.

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State of The Sanders Nation[edit]

ColbertNation is dead. Sanders is here.

Status: Meh.

Article Plans: Still working on it

Other Plans: get a life

Favorite food: Ugly cheese

What has he done? He won the IOTM for September and won his banana trophy. Meh, he'll eat it later.

Other Projects[edit]

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