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  Colonel Sanders has attained 3 stars.   For the biography of the greatest capitalist the world has ever seen. 


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Welcome to my user page.

It's Colonel Sanders! He's got chicken

I get to attend one of the fine univiersities [sic] in America, and as such I am not as active as I would like to be here, but I am hoping to change that for the betterment of the site. Or something.

I'm also on or used to be on different sites. RationalWiki, A Storehouse of Knowledge, Citizendium, Wikipedia, and Simple English Uncyclopedia. I'm also on various forms like Sega-16, AtariAge, NintendoAge, Taylor Connect, and some other stuff. I don't even remember every site I am registered on. Or used to be registered on.

My Articles[edit]

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This wretched vandal has defaced 3,621 pages.

The Colonel's Recommended Reading Meh, they're all crap. They're all here for your inconvenience.

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State of The Sanders Nation[edit]

ColbertNation is dead. Sanders is here.

Status: Meh.

Article Plans: Still working on it

Other Plans: get a life

Favorite food: Ugly cheese

What has he done? He won the IOTM for September and won his banana trophy. Meh, he'll eat it later.

Other Projects[edit]

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