20th Class Citizen

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“Hallelujah! They finally came up with a term for non-white immigrants!”

~ Bill O'Reilly and the rest at Fox News

“Have you heard the news? Can't afford no shoes.”

A 20th Class Citizen can't even...

  • Afford a name.
  • Afford a body.
  • Afford a personality.
  • Afford skin.
  • Afford oral speech.
  • Afford emotion.
  • Afford to have no privacy.
  • Afford to see.
  • Afford parents.
  • Afford a nationality.

That's just messed up, bro.

“ ”

~ 30th Class Citizen

At least 20th Class Citizens can actually exist. From what they're concerned, 30th Class Citizens can't even afford to exist!

“ ”

~ 30th Class Citizen

Wait... Does that make unicorns and dragons 30th class citizens?