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Unicorns have one horn.. Yes... Strange right?

They also seem to like candy and kidneys, except that dumb ass Charlie. He actually get invited to go to the wonderful place of candy mountain, and what does he do.

He talks in a low bear like voice. (think Darth Vader on a good day)

Now the thing about Charlie is that the required dosage of rainbow farts and sugary coffee was not given to him as a young child. Instead he listened to Rammstein and slept all day.

Now to fix this Charlie must find the magical gopher to get the great pants of magnanimity. These pants if filled with enough cheese will allow Charlie to complete his ultimate goal. He should also find the magical leopleradon and liten closey that time. Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnn might be listening.

To eradicate all the candy in the world (insert cackle - HOHOLOLZZZJOKESahemhahaha,hiyuckyuckyuck!!!)

For candy is the source of the unicorns ultimate enemy, (Not to mention the enemy of other creatures) Cat! Unicorns lose a -3 on all will checks against ca- ooh shiny!

"Chaaarrrrrllliiieeee! Chhaaarrrrliieeeee! Charr-"
"what? what do you want?"
"we're on a bridge, Charlie!!"


On another note[edit | edit source]

Unicorns are quite horny. Although yaks, rhinos and goats would be even hornier (i.e. double horny). Stags are so horny they're called antlers. That's why you shouldn't go into the forest alone. Their bony appendages can be quite painful if thrust into the abdomen.