A hamster on a keyboard (phenomenon)

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  To see the horrifying result of hamster keyboard interaction, click here  

“A hamster on a keyboard is caused by putting a hamster on your keyboard”

~ Captain Obvious on a hamster on a keyboard

“I must rescue a hamster in the past to save the future”

~ Hamsterminator on his rather odd quest

“I say, this keyboard appears to be covered in tiny footprints and droppings of some kind”

~ Winthorpe upon discovering his keyboard was taken over by hamsters.

“Really, Winthorpe?”

~ The other robot on winthorpes quote

When a hamster makes its way onto a keyboard, a strange phenomenon occurs, known as 'A hamster on a keyboard'. It can be caused by many things, such as a hamster actually physically being on a keyboard, or when a hamster becomes only slightly on a keyboard. You can tell if you have witnessed this event by checking to see if there is a hamster on your keyboard.

Removing the hamster from the keyboard

99% of calls to the RSPCA are from people unsure as to how to solve the problem of a hamster on their keyboard. To reverse the effects of the hamster on the keyboard, simply remove the hamster from the keyboard, causing a distinct lack of hamster/keyboard interaction. From here, you can resume use of the keyboard, as it should be (at least for the most part) hamster free.