A list of lesser known facts about stuff (Like milk)

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As you might have guessed, the development of this article will, sooner or later, have to involve a list. Crap. I hate lists. Why did I commit myself to making this article?

Speaking of which, take a good look at the title. The part where it says "(like milk)" it should say mostly hot air balloons. My bad.

The list[edit]

  • Hot air balloons have hot air in them
  • WiFi is short for Wireless... fi-something.
  • Monkeys have arms
  • This is the fourth thing on the list
  • I had eggs as part of my breakfast
  • The first time somebody used a goat to pull a chariot they were incredibly high
  • Hot air balloons are cool
  • This fact is irrelevant
  • I haven't used a period on any of these facts yet
  • Hot air balloons float over my house
  • I have considered yoga before. It is true.
  • Instead of birthday candles, my grandma uses cigarettes.
  • I am running out of ideas.
  • Grammer and speling is gude to gave
  • There are three pens in my pocket
  • The word "enter" starts with an "e"
He's right handed.
  • Luke Skywalker played baseball before being a jedi (pictured)
  • My penis is roughly the size of a pen cap
  • The appropriate attire for a cow wedding is being nude
  • Hot air balloons are very cool
  • The next couple of bullets will have symbols
  • Hot air balloons were once used as a condom for giants
  • He smokes a clip and then he's on his way
  • Cans have toothpicks in them if you are really lucky
  • The best rental company is U-HAUL
  • It's about time I finish this article
  • Hot air balloons don't have sex
  • Hot air balloons make money on the weekends
  • Milk tastes good when it curdles

The End. Literally. You know, like I mean it. Sort of. Is the end?

No, hun, you still another couple sentences

Darn. I thought I would get out of this easy.

How 'bout some milk?

It's nice and cold.