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THIS PAGE IS REALLY ACCURATE. [Check.gifCertified Accurate!] IT'S FULL OF FACTY FACT FACTS THAT YOU CANNOT EVER DENY. [Check.gifCertified Accurate!] IF YOU DO, YOU WILL GO TO 'ELL[Check.gifCertified Accurate!]

Proof that this page is accurate [Check.gifCertified Accurate!][edit]

Part 1: Axioms [Check.gifCertified Accurate!][edit]

  • Putting an accuracy template in front of something makes it more accurate. [Check.gifCertified Accurate!][1][2][3]
  • Lightning is brown. [Check.gifCertified Accurate!]
  • There's no such thing as pasta. [Check.gifCertified Accurate!]
  • Fopperdwff! [Check.gifCertified Accurate!]

Part 2: Pure Logic[edit]

Given all of the axioms above, it can be deduced with CERTAINTY that this page is accurate. [Check.gifCertified Accurate!]


The fact that this page is accurate means that as the author I can say anything I want to and it will become true. [Check.gifCertified Accurate!] Here are all the thongs[4] I would like to say: [Check.gifCertified Accurate!]

  • Strawberries are blue! [Check.gifCertified Accurate!]
  • I am a god and you must all do as I say. [Check.gifCertified Accurate!]
  • You don't have a boyfriend! [Check.gifCertified Accurate!]
  • Chocolate is actually really, really nutritious. [Check.gifCertified Accurate!]


  1. The American Heart Association [Check.gifCertified Accurate!]
  2. The Bible [Check.gifCertified Accurate!]
  3. Science [Check.gifCertified Accurate!]
  4. NO, NOT THINGS, THONGS. [Check.gifCertified Accurate!]

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