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~ A man behaving logically

Algebra is a code of numbers, said to bemathematics, to open magical doors. Invented by a fairy in 2555555995BC, it has become very popular where fairies make magical doors.


Algebra came from a fairy named Jim, coming from Fairyland in Las Vegas. The code is based on song and a whole bunch of random numbers. If you want to open a door, you can buy a magic wand and do a whole bunch of random calculations.

common algebraic mishaps[edit]

1). Confusing letters with numbers 2). Eating too much potassium 3). Not eating enough potassium 4).angering the potassium wizard 5). Trying to combind non-like terms

The many kinds of Algebra[edit]

Jim invented many kinds of Algebra, here are some of the most popular.

Elementary Algebra[edit]

This type of Algebra is the hardest, hence its name. It only involves additionism, subtractish, multiflication and Division of pie. Here is a breakdown of one of the most basic types of Elementary Algebra, called Order of Operations.


Since Fairy Law says because of the Beast Contract of 88555BC, all odds must be merged.


Since there is no sign, you must whine to the king of Fairyland by calling a number and being directly teleported there. After that, they will tell you what sign to put there. Now it looks like this...


Since it is multiflication, you must wave your wand on the code and find out the answer.

5+5+5+5+5+9+9+9+9+9+12,700 Your answer is 12,700 and you have unlocked the door with code.

Linear Algebra[edit]

This one is a lot easier. This opens up linear fairy locks. Here is an example of Linear Algebra...

3x+4y=12 Now you must call the Fairies and ask them what x and y equal. they will tell you this...

3(5)+ 4(5) Now, as with Order of Operations, you must merge all the evens. 145+5. Now you must add. 140 is the answer. Now you have unlocked the door and get and endless supply of egg nog.

Algebra in Schools[edit]

The Fairies waved their wands and made kids all across the solar system are learning this miraculous code. They have classes where surgeons put Algebra chips in their heads.

They all tell us what the fairy told us, which is wrong.

Algebraic Miricales[edit]

Fort Knox was kept safe with Algebra, and many other areas.

B Algebra[edit]

This is a rather complex algebraic field, in which B is the answer to everything. For more, kill yourself. Or you could just click the link in the title. It'd be much easier.