All-you-can-shoot drug buffet

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I'm Donald Drumpf, and I approve of this bottomless drug buffet.

The all-you-can-shoot drug buffet is exactly what it sounds like. Most addicts only ever dream of amassing enough hard narcotics to rival that of a professionally catered drug buffet. Often accredited to the creation of the phrase, pick-your-poison, the all-you-can-shoot is considered an american classic, embodying the spirit of american excess, while being even more fatal than overexposure to McDonald's. If one such buffet is done properly, participates may fatally overdose on any form of drug, even over the counter wuss-juice. Or, if a soon-to-be corpse is really adventurous, they can get a trademark mix-n-match plate, and destroy their bodies with a combination of two or more drugs. But the most important thing is to have fun!

History[edit | edit source]

It is a scientific consensus that the first all-you-can-shoot drug buffet happened somewhere in ancient Greece. Due to there only being mildly hallucinogenic fungus laying around, it probably wasn't very fun/fatal. But more importantly, it taught the early citizens of western society the value of getting so high you can't even get up. According to contemporary witness Heironemocles, "Dude, like, why didn't we try this before? Also, why the Zeus are you purple, and how come this dolphin wont stop wanking?" Heironemocles was one of the more conscious attendees.

Since then, the all-you-can-shoot has come to encompass the entirety of the trippy narcotic spectrum. some of the world's most famous addicts have succumbed to this grand spectacle, and is enjoyed by millions of corpses around the world every day.